The All-in-One Adventure - Where will your Onesie take you?

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Posted on: 31/01/2013

The All-in-One Company Adventure Onesie

The All-in-One Company are going on an adventure with your onesies... we want to know where has your onesie taken you?  (...okay more like where have you taken your onesie?) We are launching something called The All-in-One Adventure and would like to invite all of our onesie fans to get involved. Where have you taken your onesie? ....Me personally, I take mine everywhere, played out in the snow, went sledging, even refused to take it off when taking a trip to the petrol station... oh and right here, right now, sitting at my desk.  Not like the adventurous Roy and his max suit.  Roy's mum, Tracy, got in touch to tell us all how much he loves his onesie and to send us some fab photographs of Roy wearing his max suit to play out.. We were delighted to hear from Katy, who was spending a few days with her family in a 1970s VW camper van.  As ever, the camper van broke down, but her two children took the time out chilling in their onesies whilst vehicle recover took over.  Katy went on to say '....Your suits are ACE. Everyone in the campsite was very jealous.' The ultimate journey has to be by the courageous researcher Alex Merkle (who makes my onesie petrol station trip seem very unadventurous). Alex was given a colourful, cuddly onesie by his forward thinking wife to keep him warm in...wait for it... -20 degree conditions...(it gets better) in ANTARTICA.... (...and better) an IGLOO! Alex got in touch to say; 'I thank my onesie every night for keeping me warm.  Thanks for a great product.' The All-in-One Company would like to invite you to get in touch and let us know where you go in your onesie?  Whether it be to walk your dog, to the petrol station (it counts as an adventure okay!?) or .... let me see..... sky diving out of an aeroplane... we want to hear from you. There are a few ways you can get in touch.... Tweet us: @TheAllinOneCo Facebook us: Email us: [email protected] Want to get involved but missing the vital ingredient -  the onesie... design your very own, unique all-in-one using our personalised onesie builder and see where your onesie passport takes you.