Black Friday or Green Planet?

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Posted on: 02/12/2021

Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year with many retailers offering huge discounts, is traditionally known to kick off the start of Christmas shopping.

However, this year, we made the decision not to take part.

We are a small business with a small team of Master Craftsmen. But we are full of love.

We first began back in 2008, when The All-in-One Company founder, Kate Dawson OBE, needed a onesie to keep her daughter warm at night. Since then, we have helped thousand of others all over the world feel Snuggletastic.

Each and every onesie is ethically handmade to order to your specifications right here in Northumberland, UK.

Fabric offcuts are used to make onesies for Baby Banks and Women's Refuges, or donated to schools and charities.

The money you spend on your bespoke garment is used to pay our fabulous team a wage, so not only are you supporting us, but our families and all of the other small businesses we help support to.

So instead of sales, this year we decided to continue on, spreading the love to you, to our team and to our love little business - and we hope you do too.

Black Friday, along with sales and discounts, sparks over-consumption and people don't often realise the impact this has on our environment.

From throw away fashion, to greenhouse gas emissions, Black Friday sales may help you save a few extra pennies, but it's costing our environment a whole lot more.

That's why we have always focused on quality over quantity. We hand make each Onesie to order and they are made to last. We even offer our TLC Service, so you can send your Onesie back to us for a pampering session. So much better to be able to repair your loyal trusted Onesie companion rather than replace it completely, when it just needs a little TLC.

Greenpeace are a fabulous organisation, whose vision is for a greener, healthier and more peaceful planet which will sustain life for generations to come. You can find out more about them here.

Being as brilliant as they are, they have put together the Greenpeace Guide to Life , a free digital guide which is packed with 101 ways to live greener, from simple swaps at home, through to high impact changes in your community, and we just had to share it with you all.

Find out what we're doing to become more Ethical, Sustainable and Snuggletastic.