Meet the Maker - Joanne

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Posted on: 21/04/2021

Name - Joanne

Role - Sewing Machinist

Experience - I have 35 years experience as a machinist. I trained at Burberry's and the went on to Van Dyke and Dewhirst Textiles before working at Tailored For You Clothing Alterations and Wedding/Bridal wear.

Bowl of Seafood

A few of your favourite Things...

My favourite movies are Notting Hill and Pretty Woman - I know the whole dialogue!

I would eat seafood every meal.

I love sitting at the kitchen table with the children, giving them glue guns and my craft boxes to see what they create.

Kids sat at table doing arts and crafts

Interesting Facts about You...

I love dancing, I can do a really good robot impersonation!

I just love anything creative. I take pride in the fact if I can facilitate and help someone, it makes me beam with pride.

What do you like about working at The All-in-One Company?

My work colleagues are all so friendly and welcoming. It's such a lovely environment and very well organised.

I love that every onesie is different and seeing the customers creativity is so satisfying.

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