#30FactsAboutMe - Onesie Fans it's your turn

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Posted on: 06/02/2013

#30FactsAboutMe The All-in-One Company Onesie Twitter@TheAllinOneCo

All day we have been posting facts to our onesie fans about The All-in-One Company with the trending hashtag #30FactsAboutMe. The lovely Emma (@mamtocamnham) tweeted us with her lovely fact and we want you to all fill the remaining 14 spaces. Tweet and Facebook us your facts and the top 14 will be listed tomorrow.   Get in touch with your onesie facts: Tweet us: @TheAllinOneCo Facebook us: www.facebook.com/theallinonecompany   To start designing your very own, bespoke, hand-made all-in-one click through to our personalised onesie builder.