It's getting cold out so keep the cuddles in with The All-In-One Company

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Posted on: 14/12/2008

It's getting cold out... so keep the cuddles in!
It's getting cold out... so keep the cuddles in!'
As the weather is getting colder and we see the first frost, what?s the best way to keep you and your family warm and snuggly? Keep the cuddles in of course!
Fun for adults and kids alike an all-in-one is fantastic for lazing about in front of the television, sleepovers with friends and of course playing at being bear cubs (our personal favourite).
full length zips and drop seats!
If you haven?t tried it already, customised all-in-ones can now be made in our flash builder, there are hundreds of fabrics plus ears, feet and mittens to choose from (and of course full length zips and drops seats!) so creating your perfect all-in-one couldn?t be easier!
Please check the size charts before ordering and we hope you all enjoy your new all-in-ones....
From all of us at The All-in-One Company
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